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Be sure to turn to page 50 to see how you compare to your colleagues.  If you earned more than $45,000 in 2011, you were very successful compared to many designers, and we congratulate you.  If you earned less than $45,000 and more than $25,000, you probably want to earn more, and if you earned below $25,000, you have great potential for improvement…so please keep reading because we have a solution for you…

Dear friend,

Where will you be this time next year if you keep following your current path?

Do you have fewer prospects calling and smaller projects?  Are clients delaying decisions?  Add the frustration of clients shopping you and it may seem that these external conditions are outside of your control…or is that really true?

52% of all designers surveyed said they want or need more business.  Is that true for you?

Those statements may be true for many designers, and yet, your income is actually a reflection of what you personally did or did not do last year.

Some savvy designers had their best years in 2011.  Why is that?  Were they lucky? No. They did the right things at the right time in the right way…and they aren’t necessarily in big cities, either.

So…if you’re not satisfied with your results you need new strategies.  Right?

Congratulations on taking the first step to improving your business!

Many of your colleagues had a great year in 2011 like one of our current coaching clients,Valerie Garrett.

“I have learned more about the BUSINESS of interior design in 2011 than in all my 18 years of business combined. My business has tripled in revenue in one year. I hired a part-time assistant allowing me to delegate the necessary, day-to-day operations so that I am able to focus on the clients and design…whether you are new to the interior design business or have been an interior designer for years, Gail Doby and DSU can help you.  Invest in yourself, invest in your business, invest in your future!”

Why is Valerie so successful, and what can you do to experience the same results for yourself?

She learned our shortcuts…

We can show you how to achieve more financial success and experience your best year ever.  Your current results are just “feedback” that tell you whether you’re on the path to build the business of your dreams, or you are in need of a serious intervention. That is why we created a brand NEW class – Your 12-Month Quick Start, to show you how to transform your business challenges quickly especially if you need more business now.

Your 12-Month Quick Start includes a 3-webinar series with tools, templates and exercises – 3 full hours of rich content to show you exactly how to identify the root cause of your current situation, eliminate your roadblocks, and prioritize what to do.  No guess work.  You’ll have the exact plan you need to achieve the results that have been eluding you.  You’ll take action over the next 12 months, and you’ll see real results.  We guarantee it.

“Wow! I just completed Your 12-Month Quick Start and I have lots to do!  The 9 root causes were illuminating and I learned so much. For each section I have emphasized what I am doing right, with some thoughts on what to do next. The Big Dream was very helpful in getting ideas on paper. This webinar has been key for me. There is so much to learn in the Essential Business Success Factors. I truly believe that the right information comes along when we need it. My thanks to you for providing the business information that designers need the most to be successful today.” – Jennifer Crawford AKBD, WFCP Master, NWSID Professional Designer, Immediate Past President, NKBA Columbia River Chapter, JLC Interior Design

You can easily accomplish much more with less time and stress. Your 12-Month Quick Start is a comprehensive 3-hour webinar series complete with transcripts, tools and templates.  In less than one day, you can plan out an entirely different future full of more profit, freedom and pride in the business you create for yourself and your family.

Here’s what you will discover in Your 12-Month Quick Start

  • How to identify and fix the real cause of your roadblocks and challenges so you achieve flow and ease in your business
  • Why your beliefs and mindset could be the real reason you are working hard and not achieving what you expected
  • How to prioritize the “opportunities for improvement” so you get maximum results in the shortest time leading to more profit with less time
  • Shortcuts to fix the problems for once and for all so you don’t keep repeating the same mistakes over and over
  • Tools and templates you can use whenever you are stuck and need solutions – it’s like having a mentor helping you without the investment
  • Transform your business by using high leverage strategies that no one else teaches
  • Essential Business Success factors that you must use to accomplish your goals
Interior design is one of the toughest businesses, and it is not getting easier.  The days of having more clients than you had time to manage are gone. Now you need to get real results with the opportunities that you get because there are less of them.
Our mission in 2012 is to help you achieve your goals and your dreams.  If you’re not getting there on your own, we can help.  We don’t want you and your business to be a statistic.

Here is Joylene’s experience:

“You are one of the best things that happened to me in 2011… it’s kind of hard to pick one thing that impacted me because everything I applied to my business last year, you taught me. My business experienced tremendous growth – about 500%. Some of the things I learned were: goal setting and planning, setting my design fee, defining my ideal client, the importance of taking care of my clients, ditching my rented office… there are just too many things to list.” – Joylene Agbamuche


Your Investment – just $97…less than an hour of your billable time!

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It’s time to decide what your future will be…


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Einstein said you cannot solve your current problems with the same thinking that got you there.

We invite you to change your thinking. Invest just $97 to get access this 3-part transformational series.  It is a small amount that shows you believe in yourself, you are ready to change and you’re willing to make a commitment.

“I have been an interior designer for more than 20 years, and run a successful business. However, the incredible amount of information that Gail Doby has shared with each of us in the 6 module course exceeds everything I have learned in all the time I have practiced design. In our industry there is no where to get good answers up until now. If you take this course you will find everything you ever needed to run a successful design business. I highly recomend Gail and DSU.” – Jere Bradwell

Don’t forget, we guarantee that you will get ten times the value from Your 12-Month Quick Start program or you can request your money back any time within the next 365 days. This is a completely no risk offer!


I’m ready to invest in myself!

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We want you to be one of our great success stories.  Are you ready?

Warm wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous 2012,

Gail Doby, ASID, DSA, IDS & Erin Weir
Co-Founders of Design Success University

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