How To Educate Your Interior Design Prospects Without Doing It Yourself!


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How often do you get frustrated when your prospects “don’t get or value” what you do?

a) Frequently b) Somewhat, or c) Not at All? 

If you answered a) Frequently, you are in good company. 

Do you feel that it is your association’s responsibility to educate consumers on your behalf, and to help build awareness about the value of hiring a design professional? 

a) Absolutely b) Maybe, or c) No 

If you answered a) Absolutely, you are in agreement with the majority of the designers I’ve talked with in the last few years. 

GOOD NEWS!!! ASID & DSU partnered to write a book, How to Design Your Perfect Interior, that is now available on Amazon as a Kindle book for $9.99. And, we also created a companion set of inserts for My Interior Design Dream Book that consumers can download to create a project notebook. 

“Whether we work on our own or with the help of a design professional this book will serve as an invaluable aid. It dispels certain myths about interior design while shining a light on the services designers provide; services that make our interiors functional and safe as well as inviting. How to Design Your Perfect Interior is a must for those seeking beauty in their homes.” – Barbara Barry, Interior Designer and author of Around Beauty 

Here is why we created the book and how you can help us get the word out about it: 

  1. Consumers don’t understand how hard our job is as interior designers, and How to Design Your Perfect Interior gives consumers examples and (horror) stories they might experience if they do it themselves. We give them questions to ask you if they decide the task is too hard or overwhelming to do themselves.
  2. How to Design Your Perfect Interior explains the process of interior design, how you charge, why you charge what you do, and why it is worth the investment to get professional advice.
  3. Some consumers want to do their own projects anyway. That can’t be stopped. If the prospects can’t afford you, you can recommend these two books and minimize or avoid the time on useless calls from tire-kickers that are looking for free advice. Why waste your time with prospects that aren’t interested in paying you?
  4. My Interior Design Dream Book includes all of the notebook inserts to get organized for their project. We don’t give away trade secrets, but we give consumers enough information to see that it is not easy to do what we do. Some of the readers may decide it is more than they want to tackle, and these books could tip the scale in favor of hiring you. (include a link)
  5. You can use the My Interior Design Dream Book to create a class or workshop. You can charge for your workshop and print notebooks for them. You will get in front of potential clients, and again, when they see it is not so simple, they may decide to hire you. Drue Lawlor (one of our coaches) and I have done workshops and gotten high-paying clients this way.
  6. You can become an Amazon Affiliate and earn 4% of book sales if you include a link on your site. Depending on the number of consumers that visit your website, it might at least pay for web hosting for the year. And, if your prospects call you after they read the books, they will be more aware of how to work with you in a productive and profitable way.
  7. We will update these books once every six months. If you are an ASID designer, you can always submit photos to us for consideration for inclusion when we are ready to revise the books. We will let you know when we’re ready to collect new submissions.
  8. ASID and DSU are investing considerable time and money to promote these books to consumers. We are reaching out to the media, bloggers and design community to spread the word. The idea is not to “make money” with the book, but to fund consumer education.
  9. ASID and DSU worked together to develop a video series that will educate consumers and will be launched later this fall with the new ASID website.
  10. How you can help us get the word out:


  • Download a copy of How to Design Your Perfect Interior within the next week preferably (if we have enough interest, we can get on the top 100 list and that will increase our visibility), and pleases comment on Amazon. The more positive comments we get, the more likely consumers will find and download the book. Amazon doesn’t allow people to comment unless they purchase the book.
  • Share information about these books with your designer colleagues and vendors because the more people that promote the book, the more buzz the books get, the more likely consumers will get educated. (If you become an Amazon Associate, you can make a little bit on each download – six states including Colorado can’t participate)
  • Share the love on your social media pages, blog and website because you can help us support you and your business.
  • Include information about the two books in your email newsletter. You can then offer a workshop onHow to Design Your Perfect Interior. You will have an opportunity to get in front of people that are interested in design, and hopefully, will be interested in hiring you, and they may also know people that are interested in hiring an interior designer.
  • Let us know if you are interested in a “Print on Demand” version (paperback) that has a place for your sticker on the back. You could then use this as a marketing tool with Realtors, clients, prospects and other people that have influence with high-end clients. We are developing a marketing strategy around How to Design Your Perfect Interior. Details to be published if there is enough interest.

This is a new adventure for both ASID and for DSU. Our goal and mission is to help you be more successful and profitable, and these books were created to help you by having a third-party educate consumers for you. 

It was a pleasure working with ASID’s team and our team to produce this book. Thank you to each and every person that contributed, and to you in advance for helping us get the word out to the world.

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  1. FreshRedHead

    Yes I would be interested in a “print on demand” paperback – please let me know if it happens

  2. Blondie

    This is an awesome step but I am afraid more designers will read this than clients. How can we reach those busy hard working clients? TV shows and TV ads seem to the way most people learn about Interior Design right now. The second place people learn about design is print ads in large well known decorating magazines.

  3. Gail Doby
    Gail Doby02-04-2013

    Hi Cathy,

    We just revised the cover and we’re getting a proof, so this should be ready fairly soon.

    We’ll keep you posted.

    Warm regards,


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