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gail-headshot Why did Erin and I create Design Success University? I spent over twenty years learning how to market and run an interior design business and I made lots of costly mistakes.  Because there weren’t any mentors in our industry that resonated with me, and my competitors didn’t want to share information, I felt very alone and frustrated. Like you, I just wanted to build a successful practice and enjoy my passion of design.

Until now, I haven’t seen classes with practical advice that really works for our specific business challenges as interior designers.  That’s why we design and provide the best quality educational resources custom-tailored specifically for you as an interior designer.  Our classes are delivered by webcast, webinar, teleseminar, transcripts, downloadable MP3s and videos posted in a Private Member’s Area for your convenience. You don’t have costly travel expenses and the classes are affordable – most offer easy payment options.

There are many coaches and mentors in our industry, and what is unique about my approach is my business training followed by my interior design degree.

I have over 20 years of experience running a firm specializing in high-end residential remodeling and construction design.  At my company’s peak, we had a team of 8 of us and we reached almost $900K in revenue in 2000.  11 years later, I am still doing design and now sharing my secrets and shortcuts with you.

Join us for no-nonsense, practical, clear and step-by-step classes.

Here Are A Few Of Our Members’ Favorite Programs…

  • Value Based Fee System series that helps you completely separate yourself from the competition with your fixed fee offer so you remove the stress and conflict over time bills and have happy client relationships
  • Business Mastery Membership includes a Monthly Mentor Class and live Q & A to teach you essential business success skills like budgeting, planning, time management and how to remove the roadblocks to your business success
  • Strategic Business Domination 12-Month private coaching program for designers with two or more years of experience.  This program is by application only.

More of the Back Story…

A few years ago, Erin and I started taking classes and reading, and reading and reading and taking more classes. All of a sudden, we realized that there was an avalanche of information to absorb about new marketing techniques on the Internet.

I had an epiphany. Most interior designers have 90% creative skills and 10% business and marketing skills.  90% of what you do every day is business, and only 10% is creative.

How much business training did you get in school?  One or two classes?

Is there any wonder that most designers struggle to make even $40,000 per year?

90% Of Your Success As An Interior Designer Depends On Your Business Skills!

One of my pet peeves is the secrecy and competitiveness in the industry.  You won’t experience that with us.  We pull back the curtain and share everything we know with you.  Where else can you get answers from a practicing interior designer?

Would you like to be part of a caring community, or do you want to struggle alone?  Our LinkedIn group is amazing.  Everyone shares and supports one another.  Please join us!

You bring so much joy to your clients, and I want you to receive the appreciation and financial rewards you have earned and deserve. We are here to inspire and encourage you to your highest level of success.

About Gail Doby

Gail Doby is the Chief Vision Officer and Co-founder of Design Success University, LLC, and your Interior Design Business Success Shortcut. 

After receiving a Bachelor of Science Business Administration in Finance & Banking in 1977, Gail spent six years in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company in the home furnishings industry, where she called on interior designers and architects.  Following that, she worked for a distributor of carpet and flooring products, and again called on designers and architects.

In 1987, Gail worked for a subsidiary of American Airlines and fell into a role of interior design and facilities coordination for two fast-paced commercial projects. It was around that time that friends began asking Gail to help them with their homes, and the idea of officially becoming an interior designer took form.

In 1990, after moving to Denver, Gail married Harry Doby; shortly thereafter she was awarded her Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design.  Since then, Gail has received numerous design awards.  She is a frequent contributor to many interior design magazines, as well as being an author and a speaker.

Gail’s interior design career highlights include a range of high-end renovation, design and construction projects for multi-million dollar estates.  She built a nearly $900,000 business in 2000 before 9/11.  When business slowed down, she scaled back her operation so she could return to what she loved – construction design.

A member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Designer Society of America, and the Interior Design Society, Gail is also NCIDQ certified.  Gail received a Social Media Strategist Certification in 2010 from the International Social Media Association.

A self-admitted construction junkie, Gail is a passionate student of business, information marketing and social media.  Gail loves mentoring and coaching interior designers to save years of costly mistakes due to trial and error.

Gail’s public speaking took her to the New York Interior Design Center, Denver Design Center, Arizona ASID Chapter, Boston ASID Chapter and Canadian Decorator’s Alliance in Toronto during 2010; Charlotte ASID Chapter, NKBA Denver Chapter, IDS Western Regional Conference in San Francisco in 2011.

Watch for information about the Interior Design Summit event tentatively scheduled in October 2012.  More details will be available January 2012.

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