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The Second Biggest Mistake Interior Designers Make With Fees


I’ve been guilty of this before, and it usually happens when I am swamped with work.  This is also one of the reasons so many designers lose money.
What is it?
Tracking your time.  I know.  This is a royal pain, but it is part of doing business.
What happens when you don’t keep up with time tracking daily?  You don’t have a […]

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The Biggest Mistake Interior Designers Make With Fee Setting


Would you agree that most interior designers charge an hourly fee for services?  We found that to be true with our Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey.
I asked a few other questions in an earlier post about interior design fees, and I’d love to get your thoughts.
So, what’s the answer to the question?
Many interior designers have been trying to get […]

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Interior Designers…Brilliant! Branding Comes From A Hair Of An Idea…


This is how clear and simple your brand needs to be.  Let me know your thoughts…Gary Vee – Linchpin.
This is a great video by Seth Godin, Author of Linchpin with Gary Vuynerchuk who created a $60 million dollar business with social media.


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Interior Designers – Are Your Clients Happily Paying Your Hourly Fees?


Have you had challenges with clients about your interior design fees?  I posed some questions in an earlier blog post and would love to get your input about this topic.
During other downturns in the economy, or when business is slow, some designers are tempted to lower their hourly fees to get work.  Have you done this, or been tempted to […]

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Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey


It’s so interesting how many questions we’re getting in our Design Mastermind groups about fees these days.  One of the biggest reasons?  Consumers are more resistant than ever to hourly fees and mark-up.
I just received a bill from one of my attorneys (a junior partner) and I have to admit I was annoyed to be billed for .10 hour for […]

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What Is Your Most Burning Question About Social Media?


There is so much buzz about social media and social networking today, and there are many people who are offering classes and services to help you with it.  Are they legitimate?  Do they know what they are doing? Do they really understand what works for our industry?  How are they measuring success and is that success for you?
I’d love to […]

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Competitive Intelligence – It’s What You Do With What You Know That Matters


A phone call today sparked an interesting thought.  What is healthy competition, and what is fair and ethical?
Is it OK to get ideas from your competitors?  We all do.  You can’t ignore your competitors, and in fact, that would be a huge mistake.
The real question is, what do you do with the information that you get?  The Internet allows people […]

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5 Things They Don’t Teach You In Interior Design School


Interior design colleges do their very best to teach you how to design and to do the technical parts of the business.  Please do not think I am knocking them at all.  Their time is limited in the curriculum, and it is impossible to learn everything you need to know.
So, what are the five things they don’t teach you in […]

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